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What is the most important part for a PA system to you?

May 13,2024 | Murphy

This is PRORECK, we specialize in crafting DJ PA system and DJ speakers. We're looking to gather insights from you, the experts on the decks, about what you value most in a PA system/DJ speakers. Your feedback will help us better understand your needs and preferences and make really good audio products!

What is the most important part for a PA system?

---------Please share your thoughts below. For example, like :


Connectivity Options?

How important are the number and type of connections (e.g., XLR, RCA, USB) in your PA system? Do you look for multiple inputs and outputs, or is a basic setup sufficient?


Bluetooth Functionality?

Does Strong Bluetooth connectivity matter to you in a PA system? How often do you use this feature during your events? Do you prefer line-in connectivity?


Bass Performance?

When choosing a PA system, how critical is the bass performance? Do you prefer systems with built-in subwoofers, or do you manage bass through external subs?


High Sound Quality?

How essential is the clarity and crispness of the high frequencies in your PA system? Does this influence your choice more than other features?


Portability and Durability?

Given the nature of your gigs, how important are portability and durability in a PA system? What's your preferred balance between robustness and ease of transport?


Overall Sound Quality vs. Price?

How do you balance sound quality with cost? Are you willing to invest more for superior performance, or do you prioritize budget-friendly options? 

Only the price matter?


Additional Features?

Are there any other features or capabilities that you specifically look for in a PA system, such as built-in effects, EQ controls, or digital interfaces?

Thank you for the whole community!! You can leave us the review to tell us what you care most for the PA SYSTEM. Or you can email us ( with your answer!

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