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Is it necessary to buy a subwoofer ?

Apr 23,2024 | Murphy

A good sound improves the sound.

However, no matter how a full-range speaker covers a wider range of frequencies, the bass part always needs improvement.

Full-range speakers mainly reproduce human voices for listening purposes. Suppose you have special listening requirements for bass depth. In this case, you should set up a speaker with a subwoofer.

The subwoofer is a key component of the sound system. It enhances bass, boosts the rhythm, and makes movies and games even more enjoyable.

If you don't want to waste time comparing combinations, you can buy the line array speaker directly. 

One example is the PRORECK Club 3000, which is a 1000-Watt(RMS) PA system. The system includes a 12-inch active subwoofer, a 12-inch passive subwoofer, and 8 array speakers. These components work together to produce dynamic and powerful sound.

Suppose you already have other audio equipment in your home and lack a subwoofer (or a better subwoofer). In that case, you can configure it separately to have more options, such as the number of combinations. You can also refer to the following points to purchase a PRORECK subwoofer:

1.Subwoofer Category

Subwoofers also classify into two types: powered subwoofer and passive subwoofer. Passive speakers need a matching amplifier, while powered speakers have built-in amplifiers.

In general home use, active speakers will be the choice of more people, because it is convenient and more space-saving. Like, PRORECK PR-18 include built-in CLass-D amplifier to ensure deep and thrilling stereo sound. You can easily replace the built-in-amp for PR-18 if the sub doesn't work. Meanwhile, you can connect it to your mixer for home party.

2.Horn caliber

Regardless of the speaker, the speaker is a necessary concern. From a purely physical point of view, the larger the caliber of the horn, the better. But it is not absolute, because most users do not need a large speaker. Choosing the right size, considering the usage scenario and your own needs, is better for you.

Subwoofer is a speaker that produces low-frequency sound. It can enhance the audio experience in a larger space. We recommend using a 12-inch or 15-inch subwoofer for audio-visual area rooms that exceed 30 square meters.

This will enhance the sound quality in your home beyond your expectation!

A subwoofer helps to produce deep bass tones, making movies and music more enjoyable. Choose a size that best fits the size of your room for optimal sound performance:

  • SP-12X---A powerful 750W peak-powered subwoofer with 12” low-frequency driver for sound and bass reinforcement. With a 12 inch size, you will store it easily in any space at your house.
  • PR-18---A powerful 1200W peak powered subwoofer with 18” low-frequency driver for bass reinforcement. Great for outdoor scenarios, such as parties, bars, weddings, meetings, speeches, churches, gymnastics, conferences, home theaters, etc.



In terms of sound sensitivity, the higher the power, the louder the sound pressure level. To significantly boost the sound intensity, a high-powered subwoofer is essential. The human ear is less sensitive to low frequencies compared to medium and high frequencies. If the power is too low, the sound level will be too quiet for the ear to hear low frequencies clearly.

So, when it comes to home speakers, 100W is seen as a cutoff point. Subwoofers with less than 100W may not be suitable for household use." Luckily, PRORECK's bass subwoofers can handle 100W of power.

4.Resonant frequency

The resonant frequency is the lowest frequency the speaker can produce. And it is determined by the size of the horn.

Bigger speakers have lower resonant frequencies and produce better bass texture and dynamics. The resonant frequency of a low speaker is typically between 18Hz and 80Hz. For instance, a 12-inch woofer will have a resonant frequency of around 20Hz.


Whether you're looking to purchase a set or just a subwoofer, PRORECK is your go-to spot.

Head over to PRORECK and elevate your music experience!