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PRORECK PR 18: A Subwoofer Changing Audio Market!

Mar 01,2024 | Murphy


PRORECK PR18 is a powerful 18-inch subwoofer that boosts bass frequencies for better sound quality in audio systems.

The speaker has an 18inch subwoofer. It also has a built-in amplifier. This provides strong bass. It is suitable for music, live shows, DJ setups, and sound systems.

The PR-18 subwoofer is equipped with various connectivity options, including line-level inputs and outputs, as well as speaker-level inputs, making it compatible with a wide range of audio devices and systems. Its rugged construction and portable design make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering versatility and convenience to users seeking to enhance their sound setups.

The back of PR18 Subwoofer--connecting

There are 3 parts in the back of PRORECK PR18, which are OUTPUT area, INPUT area, and MASTER area. This is a good powered subwoofer to improve your system.  


The output area has 2 connections, they are XLR jack and AUX jack left and right.


The output area has 2 connections, they are XLR jack and AUX jack left and right.


Volume and Cross Over Knobs.


Why we use wooden box for PRORECK PR-18 | 18 inch subwoofer

Better Sound Quality

Wood's acoustic properties enhance the subwoofers' sound quality. Wood's dense and rigid nature reduces vibration, leading to clearer and more accurate bass sound in a pa system.

Better Protection

Wooden enclosures last longer than plastic or fiberglass ones because they are more durable and sturdy. This durability ensures that the subwoofer can withstand the rigors of transportation and usage without compromising its performance.

Better bass

A wooden enclosure can make the subwoofer's bass sound even better by optimizing its response. Manufacturers can improve bass and overall performance by adjusting the size and shape of the enclosure. For example, 18 inch subwoofer, 15 inch subwoofers, 12 inch subwoofers,10 inch subwoofer and even 8 inch.

Less vibration in cabinet

Wood naturally absorbs and reduces unwanted vibrations and resonances in the cabinet. This minimizes coloration and distortion in the sound output, resulting in a cleaner and more articulate bass sound.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden enclosures often have a more premium and visually appealing appearance compared to other materials. You can finish them with various stains, paints, or veneers to complement different room decor styles and personal preferences.

In conclusion, using a wooden box for an 18 inch subwoofer can improve sound, durability, and appearance. This is a common choice for audio fans and experts. Therefore, PRORECK takes a long time getting touching with many wood box factories in China and choose Rfun as our wooden box supplier. With our carefully designed PR18 Amplifier, the PR 18 subwoofer comes out.

The Size of PRORECK PR 18 Subwoofer

What is the detailed size of PRORECK PR18? You may find the answer in this article. We have checked and measured it closely and the answer is obvious.

54 CM=21.3 INCH


47.2 CM=18.6 INCH

49.2 CM=19.4 INCH

59 CM=23.2 INCH

50.5 CM=19.9 INCH


That's the detailed size of PRORECK PR 18. The height is 19.4 inch, the thickness is 23.3 inch, and the width is 21 inch front and 18.6 inch backside.


You can buy the pr18 amp if the box still works good. 




Roger Gallegos
Apr 08,2024
Hello my buddy has the pr18 powered but dropped it and cracked the box and smashed the grill, wondering if you sell the box and the grill, let me know or call me 2108892062 Thanks Roger Gallegos
Tommy Green
Mar 04,2024
Thank for the detailed size photos, I have trouble wondering the specific dimension of the PRORECK PR18, as I check the article, it will fit my room! The order is placed !!!