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Review to Proreck Party 15

Aug 25,2023 | Murphy

Review for the Proreck Party 15


  • Reasonable price range
  • Transport wheels
  • Remote control
  • Colored LED lights
  • 3-leg mounting stand for stability


  • LED lights only turn on at high volumes
  • No XLR output
  • Large size

More about Proreck Party 15

The Proreck Party 15 stands out as an exceptional choice for DJs aiming to deliver captivating live performances. Its integrated LED lights work as an attention-grabber, creating a visual spectacle that synchronizes with the music's volume shifts. This dynamic interplay of LED intensity and sound enhances the audience's emotional engagement and heightens their overall experience. Staying true to its name, the Party 15 lives up to its reputation, positioning itself as one of the premier bluetooth party speakers available in the current market.

Speaking of the LED speakers, Proreck introduces the latest addition, the Proreck Titan15A, boasting remarkable LED effects as a dj speaker. This model offers unparalleled convenience in terms of portability while delivering a harmonious blend of high and low frequencies. A standout feature of this Proreck speaker is its compatibility with the Party 15, allowing for a distinct PA system configuration that merges the strengths of both models, accentuated by striking LED effects.

With these offerings, Proreck audio continues to impress, catering to the needs of DJs who value performance, innovation, and unforgettable visual experiences.

The main functions of proreck party 15

A perfect synergy emerges through the fusion of active and passive speakers. Passive speakers come outfitted with dedicated bass speakers, while active speakers boast inbuilt amplifiers that generate amplified power.

The system extends seamless support for wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This Bluetooth functionality offers a remarkable user experience, and in subsequent uses, it will automatically recognize the device and establish a connection. A really good bluetooth party speaker!

Adding to the appeal, integrated bracket stands are a defining feature of Proreck's offerings. The stability of the Proreck Tripod Speaker Stands is renowned, notably for its hassle-free installation process, particularly when pairing with Proreck audio products. Additionally, these stands can be conveniently replaced whenever the need arises.  And it can also be replaced at any time here.


We are particularly fond of the Proreck Party 15, an ingenious PA system that harmonizes passive and active speakers. This configuration makes it an ideal selection for DJs aiming to deliver exceptional performances at events. Notably, its versatility extends to practice sessions within the confines of one's home or a home recording studio live show.

Furthermore, we are inclined to enhance the user experience by introducing practical wheel options for the Proreck Party 15. These speaker wheels will undoubtedly facilitate effortless mobility, streamlining setup and teardown procedures.

Lastly, we're enthusiastic about the addition of vibrant colored LED lights to the Proreck Party 15. This infusion of colors serves to elevate your performance, adding an immersive visual dimension that captivates your audience.


While the inclusion of wheels is undeniably beneficial, it conveys a significant point - the Proreck Party 15 is sizable. This size consideration renders it unsuitable for placement at the rear of a car and necessitates a dedicated van or truck for transportation. For a more convenient car pa system, the Proreck PR-122M model presents itself as a preferable option.

Furthermore, while we hold an appreciation for the captivating colored LED lights, they do come with a caveat. The Proreck Party 15 requires higher volume levels to fully activate these LED effects. Differing from the Proreck Titan15A, where LED effects shine even at lower volumes, the Party15's LED effects are directly tied to its volume, leading to somewhat subdued performance when the volume is not elevated. If your preference leans towards unencumbered mobility and vivid LED lighting effects, the Titan15 A remains the preferred choice.


In a word. The Proreck Part 15 is a fully functional set of speakers that will definitely amaze the audience. Best of all, it has a reasonable price range that even those with a moderate budget can buy.


Gary Lapado
Feb 11,2024
I purchased the SP15. Of the two channels with volume attenuators, only one has mic/line button. The channel without mic/line is about 1/4 the volume with mic or instrument (w/o mic button pushed in). Considering this is supposed to be 400 watts, It's not loud enough for a small coffee shop or outdoor busking. This is with all volumes max'd (+10dB and volume knob all the way up). Did I get a faulty product or it supposed to work like this? Also, you have a delay option in your DSP, but only to an unnoticeable 6ms? Thank you for your response. Gary Lapado