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Some Bass Subwoofers You Need to Know(1)

Aug 04,2023 | AudioProreck

The PRORECK subwoofers in question are constructed using sturdy MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) material, which helps reduce resonance. This construction feature ensures that the sound produced by the subwoofers is relatively free of distortion and provides an accurate response. For example, PRORECK Club 3000.

The system consists of two 12-inch woofers, which are responsible for producing low, deep, and punchy lows. These woofers contribute to the overall bass performance of the system. Additionally, there are eight tweeters and mid-range speakers that deliver a crisp and clear sound, enhancing the overall audio experience.

The 12-inch active bass reflex subwoofer is equipped with a 50oz-magnet and a built-in amplifier. The magnet plays a role in enhancing the power and efficiency of the subwoofer, while the built-in amplifier amplifies the audio signal. This amplified signal is then streamed to your audience, ensuring that the music reaches them effectively. Furthermore, the system boasts a wide frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz. This wide frequency range allows you to amplify various types of audio, including music and vocals. Whether you are playing bass-heavy tracks or emphasizing vocal clarity, the system can accommodate a diverse range of audio content.

If you want a subwoofer with more power, the Proreck also offers you alot to choose:

The Proreck SP 218X ---- This sub is a versatile audio solution designed to elevate your sound performance to new heights. It has powerful 5000W peak with low-frequency driver for sound and bass reinforcement. Plus, it is delivered by the truck for better protection during the way. You can enchance your PA system performance greatly by adding one single subwoofer.

The Proreck PR18 ---- This Proreck Sub is designed for those who wants to extend their Proreck Club Series. You can definitely try the Proreck PR18 if you want to do some improvement when you purchase the Club 4000/6000... This is very good in its price with awesome bass performance. As a Powerful 2000-Watt powered PROREC subwoofer with 18” low-frequency driver for bass reinforcement. The PR18 is lightweight but reliable, especially with its Built-in CLass-D amplifier promising the deep and thrilling stereo sound. 

If you want to know more about PA subwoofers especially the Proreck subwoofers, you can click here to learn about the Proreck subwoofers. And I will talk about the Proreck SP series subwoofers in the next blog if you are interested.