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PRORECK 800EX--More than A Tower Speaker

Dec 09,2023 | Murphy

Why I like the PRORECK 800EX

    Introducing Proreck's latest addition to the lineup – the PRORECK 800EX powered speaker, designed to elevate your audio experience. This PA speaker system has a strong 600W RMS output, giving clear and powerful sound. It also has a peak power of 1800W for extra excitement. Specifically and meticulously crafted, the 4-channel inputs make this speaker tower a perfect companion for bands, accommodating various audio sources effortlessly.

More than A Tower Speaker

    As a professional bluetooth party speaker. The integrated Bluetooth function ensures seamless connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes with ease. Additionally, its user-friendly design makes assembly a breeze, maximizing convenience for users of all levels. We think Proreck 800EX tower speakers will surpass your audio expectations, offering a convenient and impressive solution for your entertainment needs.


But why it can be a great tower speaker from Proreck, let’s have a detail look at it.  In 4 points:

TWS Design

Equipped with TWS function, it can achieve wireless connection between two speakers.

Built-in Fan

The incorporated fan system is adept at efficiently dispersing heat during this tower speaker's operation, ensuring a consistently stable output for the amplifier. Ofcourse, all proreck speakers have this design.

Nice Array Speaker

These speakers deliver clear and balanced sound across various frequencies.

Wooden Box

Proreck conducts numerous factory visits in China, evaluating various wooden boxes, even assessing their performance in rainy conditions. By balancing quality and cost, they identify the ideal wood and utilize it to construct subwoofer boxes.


This is all about PRORECK 800EX

You can go to the product page if you want to know more about the 800EX in detail.