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What are the components of the PA system?

Aug 11,2023 | Murphy

An audio system is a complex arrangement comprising source equipment, dynamic audio signal processing devices, audio signal amplification equipment, and sound reproduction devices.

In the realm of audio systems, the source equipment is typically represented by a microphone. A good microphone is very important in a PA system, but how to choose it for your PA system? If you want to know more in choosing a good mic you can check this blog---The Ultimate Microphone Buyer’s Guide 2023. Let's back to the topic.

A microphone is responsible for the conversion of sound energy into electrical energy. The resulting voltage signal, representative of the sound, is then extracted and amplified, utilizing field-effect transistors at its output stage. Its technical specifications encompass sensitivity, frequency response, impedance, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, equivalent noise level, and total harmonic distortion (THD).

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Next, the audio signal amplification equipment is divided into components such as the pre-AMP, power amplifier (including both the driver stage and output stage), and digital power amplifier in the realm of analog power amplification. However, within the context of audio systems, the term often refers to the power amplifier, which is the apparatus responsible for reconstructing the input audio signal on the output transducer that generates sound. This reconstruction should ideally maintain the accuracy, efficiency, and low distortion of the signal's volume and power level. And the proreck mics perform quite good in this field.

Furthermore, there are dynamic audio signal processing devices, encompassing equipment like compressors, limiters, expanders, noise gates, mixers and more. These devices play a pivotal role in the audio system by modifying and processing the audio signal to enhance its characteristics and qualities.

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Finally, the sound reproduction devices comprise a variety of speakers/subwoofers equipment or speaker units. Their primary function is to faithfully reproduce and emit the sound, showcasing the essence of sound quality and serving as the embodiment of audio fidelity and excellence. You can check Proreck Subwoofers if you prefer the bass sound. And you can read this article to help you learn better about Proreck Subs----Some Bass Subwoofers You Need to Know. 

So, the components of an audio system consist of the aforementioned elements. When making choices, it's advisable to opt for components from the same brand whenever possible. This ensures stronger power matching and reduces potential losses. For example, you can choose the Proreck audio system. It is a great way to get started at a great price point ! You can know more about Proreck in this video made by DJ Martini!! He will tell you all the proreck products after 4-years' use.